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Unforgettable Summertime Adventures for Classic Car Enthusiasts Across the United States

Classic car road trip


Attention, fellow classic car enthusiasts! Summer is here, and it’s time to embark on exhilarating adventures that celebrate the beauty, history, and nostalgia of vintage automobiles. In this blog post, we’ll be your guide to the best summertime activities for classic car enthusiasts across the United States. From iconic car shows to renowned museums and thrilling auctions, get ready to rev your engines and experience classic car bliss like never before!

Automotive museums

Immerse yourself in the world of classic cars by attending some of the most prestigious shows and events across the nation. Start by visiting the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan, a treasure trove of automotive history where you can explore the exhibits and marvel at iconic vehicles that shaped American culture. The museum includes exhibits about heroes in the sky, railroads, manufacturing, Mathematica, a modern glass gallery, and much more.

Other fascinating museums in Detroit include the Detroit Historical Museum and the Detroit Automotive Hall of Fame. These institutions provide captivating exhibits that showcase the city’s deep-rooted automotive heritage.

Next, you might head to the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, a world-class facility that showcases a stunning collection of more than 250 classic and modern vehicles. It’s a must-visit destination for any car enthusiast, providing a fascinating glimpse into the evolution of automotive design and technology.

The Ames Automotive Foundation in Marlborough, New Hampshire, has more than 90 cars spanning 100 years of automotive history. Most of the cars are originals, and some have fewer than 10,000 miles on the odometer. Steve and Joan Ames created the foundation to preserve these vehicles for future generations to see these examples of American ingenuity. You can book a tour by advance appointment only.

Auto shows

If you find yourself in Reno, don’t miss the Hot August Nights car show, a sizzling event that brings together thousands of classic cars and enthusiasts for a week-long celebration of all things automotive. Prepare to be amazed by the stunning displays, live music, and electric atmosphere.

Another can’t-miss event is Cruise the Coast, also known as, “America’s largest block party,” it’s an annual gathering held along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. This week-long celebration features breathtaking classic cars, live entertainment, and a vibrant atmosphere that captures the spirit of cruising culture.

Back in Detroit, make sure to mark your calendars for the Woodward Dream Cruise, the world’s largest one-day automotive event. Join hundreds of thousands of spectators and classic car owners as they cruise down Woodward Avenue, relishing the rich automotive heritage that Detroit is known for.

Auctions and swap-meets:

For classic car enthusiasts with a passion for collecting or selling, attending renowned auctions and swap meets is a thrilling experience. Two of the most prestigious auctions are the Barrett-Jackson Auction and the Mecum Auction. These events offer an incredible opportunity to witness rare and valuable classics go under the hammer, creating an electric atmosphere that only true automotive enthusiasts can appreciate.

GoodGuys Car Shows If you’re seeking a family-friendly classic car experience, the GoodGuys Car Shows are perfect for you. These events take place across the country and feature a wide range of classic cars, hot rods, and custom vehicles. Enjoy live music, vendor exhibits, and even a “show and shine” competition where you can display your own beloved classic car.


This summer, indulge your passion for classic cars by immersing yourself in unforgettable adventures across the United States. Attend renowned car shows such as the Hot August Nights in Reno, Cruise the Coast in Mississippi, and the Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit. Explore iconic museums like the Henry Ford Museum and the Petersen Automotive Museum to delve deeper into automotive history. And for those seeking thrilling auctions and swap meets, the Barrett-Jackson Auction and Mecum Auction are must-visit destinations.

Make this summer a time to celebrate your love for classic cars and create memories that will last a lifetime. From the roaring engines to the gleaming chrome, let the spirit of classic cars ignite your summertime adventures.

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