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Wilson Auto Repair’s Top Five Classic Car Restoration Blog Posts

The Wilson Auto Repair Blog has been around for ten years. In that time, we have published more than 1,500 posts, which are chock-full of practical information about restoring and repairing classic cars and trucks. You’ll find information about how to source the parts and tools you need to work on your car, and many other topics that appeal to classic car enthusiasts. So, every now and then we like to do a roundup of the most popular posts according to what you, the classic car enthusiast, searched for.

Let’s begin with the most popular blog post of all 1,500 posts. Wilson Auto Repair’s Top Ten Easiest Cars to Restore [Infographic]

As the title suggests, this post lists the cars that we recommend with regard to the time, money, and effort you will invest to acquire the vehicle, tools, and replacement parts for the project. You and I both know that we don’t love the process of restoring a favorite classic vehicle because it’s easy. A big part of the satisfaction comes from knowing that all the hard work you’ve invested was well worth it when you look at the gorgeous, classic vehicle you have restored.

A Guide to Classic Car Batteries

In this popular post, you’ll learn about the history of the car battery, how to know which is the right battery for your classic vehicle, how to tell how old the current battery in your vehicle is, and tips for caring for your battery to maximize its usable life. You’ll learn about the importance of using a trickle charger if you’ll be storing a vehicle you won’t be driving the vehicle for long periods.

10 Tips to Keep Mice Out of Your Classic Car During Winter Storage

If you didn’t know, mice and other vermin present a huge problem to classic car enthusiasts. When you store your classic car to protect it from harsh winter temperatures and weather conditions, you are also unwittingly creating an appealing nesting spot for mice who are also seeking refuge from the cold. In this article, you’ll learn practical tips using things you can probably find around your home.

Classic Car Rust. How to Remove It and Keep It From Coming Back

Because rust is and always will be an issue when it comes to classic vehicles, this post is about how to remove rust and prevent it from coming back. You’ll learn tips for the best ways to remove rust and the tools and products for the job. Then you’ll learn about how to seal and preserve the exposed metal parts from future rust damage.

Top 10 Tires for Classic Cars and Trucks

And finally, because every vehicle needs a good set of tires, we have a round-up of the top ten tires for classic cars. You’ll learn the importance of choosing the appropriate tires not only for the vehicle’s appearance, but performance, too.

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