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StreetGrip is an Easy Upgrade to Improve Handling and Ride Quality

StreetGripIt might surprise you to find out the difference it can make by simply bolting on an updated suspension beneath your classic muscle car. While American muscle cars have no problems pumping out massive amounts of horsepower, taking a corner has never been their strong suit. For a pretty small investment you can make those corner sags a thing of the past.

A company out of Jasper, Indiana has introduced a solution that allows older muscle cars to enjoy the same ride quality and handling performance as modern day muscle cars. RideTech is the company and their suspension solution is called StreetGrip.

RideTech was on hand to give a StreetGrip demonstration at the 2016 GoodGuys Spring National Car Show in Scottsdale, Arizona. The business development manager for RideTech, Jeremiah Stotler, showcased the performance capabilities of StreetGrip on a 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle. The Chevelle belongs to a local Arizona man named Frank Streff, who is the proud owner of SO-CAL Speed Shop Arizona. Frank gladly turned over his Chevelle to see what StreetGrip could do for his Chevy.


Prior to installing the StreetGrip system they ran the Chevelle around the Goodguys autocross course for a couple of laps to get a good baseline time for the stock Chevelle. Stotler then installed the RideTech StreetGrip suspension and took the car back out on the same track.


The shock and awe was dramatic for everyone that witnessed the difference! The Chevelle originally ran the autocross course in 89 seconds. After bolting on the new StreetGrip suspension system the same Chevelle was crushing the course at just 81 seconds! An entire 8 seconds was shaved off the car’s time and let me remind you that this is a short autocross track.

Adding the new suspension system took Stotler and one other helper just over 5 hours to make the modifications. “I’d never worked on a Chevelle before,” Stotler said, “and we were in a parking lot working on jack stands, not on a lift in a garage. But it got the point across to people. It told the story of how easily it could be done.” He went on to comment that the change in the dynamics was “transformational”. The nearly 50 year old Chevelle went from sketchy and unsure with the nose diving into every corner to driving like a modern day vehicle.

The RideTech StreetGrip kit includes vehicle-specific dual-rate front coils, Delrin front control arm bushings, tall ball joints (for improved camber curve), larger front swaybar, Delrin swaybar bushings (to reduce unwanted movement) and vehicle-specific RideTech HQ series rebound-adjustable shock absorbers. Everything arrives in one box. For the 1968-1972 GM A-body cars, the price is $2,000.

Concerns about the suspension being super stiff were stomped out as well after one demonstration. Vehicles typically ride softer than before, but will stiffen up and grip in the corners where you need it the most. The best part is that it is a street package and is intended for everyday American Muscle cars that want an improvement in driving handling performance. This kit is not intended for autocross racing even though it performed very well on the track.