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Iconic Ford GT40 is Being Reproduced as a High Performance Electric Car

It is certainly still up for debate whether a classic car that has been converted to an electric vehicle is still considered a classic.  For many petrolhead purists, the answer is no.  Other classic car enthusiasts are still on the fence.

We get it.  There isn’t a replacement yet for the sound and rumble of a gas powered engine.  We have yet to hear an electric car sound as cool as the exhaust coming off a 426 Hemi V8.  On the other hand, it is hard to deny the performance you can get out of a classic muscle car that has been converted to electric.  It’s the way of the future and you are certain to see many converted classics in the years to come.

One such classic is currently being developed by a British company called Everrati.  Everrati restores and modifies existing classic and iconic cars for its customers to enable them to be used and enjoyed in a low carbon world.

They have successfully already created all-electric Porsche 911s, Land Rovers and a Mercedes 280 SL Pagoda and now they have set their sights on an American icon, the Ford GT40.  The GT40 is famously known as the Ferrari killer that Ford built to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966.

The iconic Ford GT40 has now been authentically reproduced and redefined, in partnership between Everrati and Superformance LLC, as an all-electric supercar.  The GT40 MKII is so authentic, hat they are legally allowed to use the “GT40” name and as such carries a GT40/P chassis number and is eligible for the official GT40 registry and the official Shelby World registry.

The “Superformance” GT40 boasts some pretty impressive numbers!  It can accelerate from 0-60 in under 4 seconds, has 800 brake HP, and has a travel range of about 125 miles before the 46kWh battery pack needs to be recharged.  It has combined AC and DC Fast charging as well as two drive modes, Sport & Comfort, depending on how you intend to enjoy your drive.

They also list performance features on their website that each GT40 created by Everrati will have including:

  • A complete factory assembled rolling chassis
  • Show quality paint finishes with many standard colors
  • Fully independent front and rear suspension
  • Bilstein® coil over progressive shocks with H&R Springs®
  • Four-wheel vented disc brakes, Wilwood calipers
  • High Performance Everrati Electric Powertrain
  • Original style steel monocoque chassis
  • Pressed steel roof
  • Right and left-hand drive models available
  • Included in latest Shelby World Registry
  • Original style seats with silver rivets
  • High capacity air-conditioner
  • Active sound performance exhaust
  • 700V EV powertrain system with Direct DC Fast charging as standard
  • OEM proven Dual Motor drive unit derived from high performance hypercar applications
  • Liquid cooled 46kWh battery supporting high performance use, with rapid discharge performance and superior power density

There is also a well-designed brochure they have put out that does deeply into the conception and creation of their fully-electric Ford GT40.

So, if you are ready to get your hands on a classic GT40 that you can plug in next to your Tesla, they are taking pre-orders.  You can’t get one quite yet as they are still under development. We are certain they won’t be inexpensive.  But then again, neither are the originals.