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10 Hottest Muscle Car Boards on Pinterest


Pinterest is full of eye candy for just about any topic you can imagine. One simple search for muscle cars results in seemingly endless pictures of classic American hot rods, muscle cars and wicked cool street machines from the 20th century.

It might seem like a daunting task to hunt down the best of the best so we did the leg work for you. Here are ten of the best muscle car Pinterest boards on the site. The first six boards all belong to one of the biggest boys on the block, Hot American Cars. They have over 15 Pinterest boards with a combined 80,000 photos covering everything from muscle cars and exotics to motorcycles and trucks. If it has horsepower chances are they have a cool picture.

American Muscle
The first board is also the largest of all the Pinterest boards. In fact it is larger than the next nine all together! With over 23,400 Pins you are sure to find what you are looking for. Enjoy pictures of American muscle cars of every make and model. Most of them are from the golden years, but they manage to squeeze in some modern day muscle machines as well.

Hot American Cars – Chevy
If you are a fan of Chevrolet then this page will really wet your whistle! Camaros, Impalas, Nova, Chevelle… you name it they got it. 869 images of nothing but Chevy power! Some really cool videos in this board as well.

Hot American Cars – Mopar
Mopar fans are some of the most dedicated auto fans in the world. Enjoy 925 pics of 60s and 70s vehicles like the Cuda, Charger, Superbird, Daytona, Dart and more! If you are part of Mopar Nation then this Pinterest Board was made for you!

Hot American Cars – Ford Mustang
Arguably the most iconic muscle car of all time. Ponys pull at the heart strings of almost every muscle car enthusiast. This Pinterest board has 924 of the sickest Mustangs ever to grace the Internet. Enjoy the classics as well as some modern day Mustangs as well.

Hot American Trucks
Muscle cars and hot rods are fine and all, but some of us just go nuts at the sight of an older F100 or C10 coming down the road. Check out over 150 of the baddest pickups on the planet. Ford, Chevy and Dodge all make the cut and share this page together to make one impressive collection of muscle truck images.

American Muscle Power
This board is nothing but pure power! Some of the cars are street legal and many are made for the drag strip. Feast your eyes on more than 1,500 of the fastest American muscle cars in the world. American Muscle Power is Pinterest board where you can find the best American muscle cars ever built.

American Muscle Cars and More
Muscle cars, hot rods and custom mods of all kinds grace this board with over 1,700 images. Mustangs, Chevelles, GTOs and Chargers are just a few of the makes and models that you will find. This board is packed full of prestigious vehicles and top-notch photography. If you are looking for a screen saver of your favorite ride, this is the place to look.

Classic American Muscle by Forgeline Motorsports
Forgeline Motorsports has 36 Pinterest boards and almost 15,000 images ranging from exotic sports cars to import performance to European and domestic muscle. Their Classic American Muscle board has over 1,200 images of nothing but red, white and blue muscle. Each image is accompanied by a lengthy description of what you are looking at. That’s what makes this board one of our favorites.

Pro Touring Resto Rods
If a muscle car that can tear up the open road is your thing then you will have a blast checking out all these sweet Corvettes, Mustangs, muscle wagons and convertibles. Over 1,400 pictures to see and admire of some of the best pro touring restoration mods

Pinnacle Performance Rides
More than 2,000 high resolution pictures of stunning supercars, awesome American muscle cars, hella hip hot rods and magnificent custom motorcycles! This board is a great mix of old meets new. There are also a lot of concept cars featured on this page giving us a glimpse of what the future of muscle might look like.